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add another faery [Apr. 12th, 2008|06:04 pm]
Fire Sea Crafts Cooperative


Hello boys and girls.

I was pleased to learn last night that my dear friend and fan Amber Thompson, otherwise known as Thorn, is coming to Faerieworlds this year.

Amber is a jewelry guru to the extreme.  This woman does very tantalizing things with shiny rocks.

I asked her how she might feel about vending with us.  Just a few pieces, most likely, since she's flying in.

And then I realized that I don't know what our general protocol is for this sort of thing. 

I know we have limited space, within reason, and don't wish to bring in drama-prone peoplez, which thankfully Amber is not. 

At any rate, Amber and I are going to keep in touch about her plans.  Thoughts?


[User Picture]From: stardragan
2008-04-13 02:51 am (UTC)
I don't mind if nobody else minds. Does she have pictures online so we can view the shiny stuff?
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[User Picture]From: jnanacandra
2008-04-13 04:39 am (UTC)
I'd certainly be fine with Amber joining us. Most of us have agreed (or at least nobody has yet objected to the idea) that people will chip in in a rough ratio to the worth of goods they're selling (so somebody with a couple of $5 items doesn't have to put in as much as someone with a few thousand dollars worth).

If Amber does want to join, the one thing I'd definitely need would be a photograph or two of her work by May 15 so I can fill out the contract in time for the June 1 deadline.

As for protocol, we're still kind of making it up as we go along :) Speaking for myself, while this is envisioned as a PacNW-centric coop, that's primarily for logistical simplicity, and bringing in a person or two from outside that area on an event-by-event basis should be easy enough.

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[User Picture]From: sheistheweather
2008-04-13 02:55 pm (UTC)
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